Trip to Willard New Mexico January 27, 2018

We didn’t rush our start, so we didn’t leave Albuquerque till around 10:30. Drove out using old RT 66 (NM 333) to Moriarty and stopped at a couple antique/thrift stores on the way. Kelly loves looking around antique stores and I find them like small museums without the plaques explaining what I’m looking at.

saddles Virgin Mary

mannequinhobby horse

dead head

Just before we got to Estancia we saw a Zipper ride sitting out in the middle of nowhere. We drove out to see if there was a fair, there wasn’t, just a house with a bunch of trucks.


In Willard we ate lunch at the Willard Cantina and Cafe. It was closed the last time I was here, so it was good to see it open. It was bought by Alma and Jerry, they had just reopened it. Kelly had a burger and I had the chicken fried steak, we both enjoyed out lunch.




Willard Cantina

After lunch we drove around Willard and I took some pictures.

Willard NMWillard NM



Willard NMWillard NM

We went back on NM 56 and I took some pictures of the old house on the edge of Estancia.

Near Estancia on NM56

Near Estancia on NM56

Then we headed for home.

Near Estancia on NM56

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