2018 Trip to Hagan, New Mexico

Hagan, New Mexico was founded in 1902 to mine coal, without a rail line it struggled to make ends meet.  In 1919 Jean Justin DePraslin formed a group of investors that put $450,000 into Hagan.  They built a rail line, housing, mining buildings and a power plant. In 1939 after hitting shale the mine closed and the town died.

Hagan, New Mexico

To get to Hagan we drove north on Highway 14 from Albuquerque and turned on to Puerectio Road.

Puerecito road

Hagan, is on private land and you can’t get into the town, but you can see it from the road.

Hagan, New Mexico

Hagan, New Mexico

Hagan, New Mexico

We took a different fork on the way home and Kelly spotted a wild looking lama.


We had a picnic at Doc Longs at the base of the Sandia Crest and headed for home. It was strange to have such a nice day in February, but I’m glad we took advantage of it.

our jeep


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